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Sat, April 9, 1:00-4:00 - Calling on the angels to get angel-like energy


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New Classes Starting!

Our new 1 year energy healing class will be starting the first Monday in Feb., the 6th, 2023! So excited to see the new faces & an amazing amount of talent coming in for these classes! It's going to b

Holiday days for Peaceful Winds!

Peaceful Winds will be closing over Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays 2022. Thanksgiving we will be closed from Sunday, November 20-Sunday, November 27. Christmas we will be closed from Sunday, Decemb

New Energy Training Class starting in January, 2023!

Due to an unusually busy year this year (2022), I have delayed the start of the next Energy Training/Reiki class until Jan. 3, 2023. This class not only includes traditional Reiki training through mas


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