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Dragonfly Meadows

Denise Cordray is one of my best students from Peaceful Winds Naturopathy and this is her page for her wonderful place in the beautiful Piney Woods area of Hemphill, Texas. Thank you for being in my life dear friend & student.

Denise Cordray is a very talented intuitive holistic energy healer & herbalist.

Please Contact Denise Cordray at
(936)204-4766 - not the contact at the bottom of the page!

Address: 347 Cordray Court
Hemphill, Texas, 75948
Meditate at the beach

About Denise

Denise has been a student at Peaceful Winds Naturopathy for the past 5 plus years doing both in-person as well as extensive home study. She is still studying both on her own and we us at Peaceful Winds and has become a great wellness specialist in the meantime. 

"I am so in tune to the energy of people, trees, nature, animals, etc. that I decided to use this spiritual God-given gift to help others". 

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